A compilation error occurs during the Xcode build process


Error Case 1 : ld: library not found for -lStaticAppSec_Debug


  1. This error occurs when libStaticAppSec_Debug.a file is not exist. libStaticAppSec_Debug.a file should be located in following path. 
    • $(YOUR_XCode_PROJECT_ROOT)/Libraries/AppSealingSDK/Libraries/libStaticAppSec_Debug.a

  2. If you cannot find this file, you can copy it from following path.
    •  $(YOUR_Unity_PROJECT_ROOT)/Assets/AppSealingSDK/Libraries/libStaticAppSec_Debug.lib
    • You have to change the file extension as a from lib.

  3. Also, when same error occurs with lStaticAppSec file, you can solve problem in same way.



Error Case 2 : Undefined symbols for architecture arm64: "_Unity_IsAbnormalEnvironmentDetected"


  1. This error occurs when [XCode Build Target/Build Settings/Other Linker Flags] option is not proper.

  2. Go to Other Linker Flags setting page as belowXcode______________________.3.png
  3. Update values
    1. Delete existing old values

    2. Debug : -lStaticAppSec_Debug -L$(PROJECT_DIR)/Libraries/AppSealingSDK/Libraries

    3. Release  : -lStaticAppSec -L$(PROJECT_DIR)/Libraries/AppSealingSDK/Libraries

    4. Release ForProfiling : -lStaticAppSec_Debug -L$(PROJECT_DIR)/Libraries/AppSealingSDK/Libraries

    5. ReleaseForRunning : -lStaticAppSec_Debug -L$(PROJECT_DIR)/Libraries/AppSealingSDK/Libraries

    6. Xcode______________________.4.png
    7. Xcode______________________.5.png
    8. Xcode______________________.6.png


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