AppSealing is not applied with the messeage about [android:extractNativeLibs="false"]


Popup Message
AndroidManifest.xml configuration [android:extractNativeLibs="false"] is not compatible with AppSealing. Please check your Gradle build configuration and change option to [android:extractNativeLibs="true"].



1. Change your target AppSealing version to or higher 

Check your Gradle build configuration of apk change extractNativeLibs option from "false" to "true".



That message is shown when AppSealing API found your apk`s install option 'exxtractNativeLibs' value is false in the AndoridManifest.xml file.

This mainly happens because Android Studio`s Gradle plugin version 3.6.0 has updated its default value from true to false.

AppSealing versions under 2.19.x are not compatible with the option extractNativeLibs=false.

This issue is resolved from version.





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    1st Error
    Apk is not installed after apply    android:extractNativeLibs="true"
    Show me this Error:   Apk is not installed as package appears to be invalid.
    2nd Error
    Run App then this error shows me: [20007] Unofficial APP detected. Please Download the official version.
    I am using AppSealing Version:
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