AppSealing is not applied with the messeage about [android:extractNativeLibs="false"]


Popup Message
AndroidManifest.xml configuration [android:extractNativeLibs="false"] is not compatible with AppSealing. Please check your Gradle build configuration and change option to [android:extractNativeLibs="true"].


Check your Gradle build configuration of apk change extractNativeLibs option from "false" to "true".



That message is shown when AppSealing API found your apk`s install option 'exxtractNativeLibs' value is false in the AndoridManifest.xml file.

This mainly happens because Android Studio`s Gradle plugin version 3.6.0 has updated its default value from true to false.

Currently, any AppSealing versions under 2.19.x are not compatible with the option extractNativeLibs=false, so we will update the new version supporting that.





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