Fast Protection for Unity and Unreal

1. Sealing

1.1 Uploading APK file

Uploading the APK file to the AppSealing server will automatically implement AppSealing security module inside the APK file.

Just upload the APK built from Unity and Unreal engine to the ADC for fast protection.


     1. Log into ADC and go to the Sealing page. (Fig.1)




     2. Upload APK

  • Test Mode: For testing before uploading for Release Mode.
  • Release Mode: For market release purpose.
  • Sealing options will be applied automatically as below :

    • Block rooted device
    • Block emulators
    • DEX encryption 

     3. Click 'Seal APK' button to Seal.

Following security features will be implemented for fast protection:

  • Anti-cheat tool
  • IAP crack protection
  • Integrity violation and repackaging protection


1.2 Downloading Sealed APK file

Sealing process can vary in time depending on the APK file size. You’ll be noticed through your email on the Sealing result.

  1.  Go to Sealing History below the Sealing page once the Sealing has been completed. (Fig.2)


    2. Download button is activated when the APK file has been Sealed.

    3. Now you can download the Sealed APK and install it on a device.


[Release Mode only] The Sealing server breaks the keystore signing during the Sealing process. Keystore signing must be done after Sealing in order to release and install & launch the APK file.
Zipalign must be done in order to upload the APK to Google Play.
No keystore signing required for Test Mode for installing and launching the APK file.


2. Keystore Signing and Zipalign

APK file Sealed in Release mode must be signed and zip aligned in order to publish it on Google Play. This is a mandatory procedure for Google Play. Please follow the below guide to sign the keystore and Zipalign.

2.1 Keystore Signing

Please use the following Jarsigner command to sign the Sealed APK.
jarsigner -verbose -sigalg SHA1withRSA -digestalg SHA1 -keystore <KEY STORE FILE> <APK FILE> <ALIAS>


2.2 Zipalign

Please use the following command to align the APK file using Zipalign.
zipalign -v 4 your_project_name-unaligned.apk your_project_name.apk

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